What We Do

Vita Sports Partners works with proven, high-performing Sports-Based Youth Development (SBYD) organizations and their leaders to build the capacity they need to deliver on their own missions.

Sports Based Youth Development (SBYD) is a rapidly growing and increasingly validated model of youth development that uses the delivery of sport intentionally and primarily to achieve non-sports-based outcomes, such as increased social emotional learning, improved pro-social relationships, better academic performance and educational attainment, and improved health and wellness.

We understand the problems

We know that sports are a worldwide driver of culture, community engagement, identity and personal development. However, in philanthropy, sports are often seen as a nice-to-have complement to "real" social impact programs. SBYD organizations are further challenged by leader retention, increasing social demands, static budgets, resource and capacity constraints.

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We Deliver Shared Purpose Solutions

We know that donors want higher impact solutions, too. Vita Sports Partners optimizes the venture philanthropy model by convening  passionate donors who care about sports. With this specific focus on sports-based giving, we create a new giving category to deliver game-changing funding and leader development support to proven SBYD organizations, while also supporting donors' desire for clear, compelling and direct impact.

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We Scale and Replicate Impact

We know that building effective sports-based organizations is layered and difficult. Vita Sports Partners supports cohorts through a development pathway, connecting leaders, activating partner network resources, sharing innovations, quantifying impact with consistent metrics, spreading passion, positivity, process and purpose.

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Why Vita? Why Sports?

The Latin origin of "vīta" means life. Each of us at Vita Sports Partners has experienced first-hand the way that sports can influence life, and so we want to elevate this experience for others.

To do so, we believe that sports-based philanthropy can and should be its own category. We believe that participation in sports -- on its own -- brings life-changing impact. We want to make it easier for proven sports-based organizations to do more, and we want to make it easier for sports-inclined donors to make sure that their gifts have more direct impact on sports-based learning and development.

By addressing the challenges that each participant in the philanthropy equation experiences, we are changing the way that SBYD organizations and donors get what they want and need from the philanthropic relationship. These elements fuel the ultimate driver for both – deeper, more meaningful, more sustainable, life-changing impact for the people served by sports-based youth development organizations.


Next Steps...

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